Calaveras County Cemeteries

Image of Calaveras County Cemeteries

The final resting place of many Calaveras County residents and visitors, our cemeteries provide serene locations to connect with the past as well as a wealth of historical information.  Much of the County is organized into Cemetery Districts, managed by Boards operating under the County Board of Supervisors and supported by taxes within these districts.  Many cemeteries, however, are on private land maintained by family descendents.  And many more have been long forgotten, with fences gone and markers fallen.

This web page provides a place for information on Calaveras County Cemeteries to be posted.  Links are encouraged to identify other sources.   The Mokelumne Hill Cemetery District has uploaded its data-base of burials in the Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, and Jesus Marie cemteries. Also see the link to the Calaveras Genealogical Society for researching individuals.