Black Creek

Although it is not known who first mined for gold in the Stanislaus River area, pertinent evidence points to its being people of Hispanic origin. The first recorded discovery of gold on the Stanislaus River was that of Indians working for Captain Charles M. Weber in May or June of 1848. The find brought an unprecedented number of miners to the region almost overnight.

Image of The Tools are on the Bar

The Tools are on the Bar
The colorful and definitive history of the community by Rhoda and Charles Stone.

Devoted to the history of Copperopolis, Rhoda and Charles Stone compiled their research and memories into an immensely rich and entertaining history of their town. Charlie was famous for colorful sayings, among other honors clamiming to be the Vice-Mayor of Copperopolis; that is, the “Mayor of Vice. ” He also is credited with the oft-repeated phrase: “If you have spent a summer in Copperopolis, you are not afraid of Hell.”