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Books on Calaveras County History

There is a wealth of books published on the history of Calaveras County. Although some sources are out of print, these can usually be accessed through County library branches, or at the Calaveras County Archives or Historical Society.  Calaveras County is also frequently mentioned in articles, government and private documents, diaries, reports and scientific studies, and other publications related to the Gold Rush, mining, the Mother Lode, and other relevant topics. These are too numerous to reference here.

Alberts, Phil

1967    A History of Mountain Ranch, El Dorado. Angels Publishing Company.


Bird, Milo

1985    Melones Memories.  Tuolumne County Historical Society, Sonora, CA.


Buckbee, Edna Bryan

1932    Pioneer Days of Angels Camp.  Calaveras Californian, Angels Camp.

2005    Calaveras County Gold Rush Stories.  Edited by Wallace Motloch.  Calaveras County Historical Society, San Andreas. 


Calaveras County Historical Society

1986    An Album of the Pioneer Schools of Calaveras County.  Calaveras County Historical Society, San Andreas.

var.      Las Calaveras, the Quarterly Bulletin of the Calaveras County Historical Society.  San Andreas, California.


Clark, William B., and Philip A. Lydon

1962    Mines and Mineral Resources of Calaveras County, California.  Report 2.  California Division of Mines and Geology, San Francisco.


Costello, Julia G.

1983    Melones, A Story of a Stanislaus River Town. US Department of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation.

1989    Historical and Archaeological Research at the Calaveras Big Tree Cottage Area.  Editor.  California Department of Parks and Recreation, Sacramento.

Deane, Dorothy Newell

1960    Sierra Railway.  Howell-North.  Berkeley, California. 


Elliott, Wallace W.

1885    Calaveras County, Illustrated and Described.  W.W. Elliott, Oakland, California. Reprinted 1976 by the Calaveras County Historical Society, San Andreas.


Fuller, Willard P., Judith Marvin, and Julia G. Costello

1996    Madam Felix’s Gold: The Story of the Madam Felix Mining District, Calaveras County, California. Calaveras County Historical Society and Foothill Resources, Ltd.


Limbaugh, Ronald H., and Willard P. Fuller, Jr.

2003    Calaveras Gold, The Impact of Mining on a Mother Lode County.  University of Nevada Press, Reno and Las Vegas. 


Long, Earnest, editor

1976    Trips to the Mines, Calaveras County 1857-1859.  Calaveras Heritage Council, San Andreas.

Mace, O.Henry

1991    Between the Rivers: A History of Early Calaveras County, California. Gold Country Enterprises, Sutter Creek, CA.


Manna, Salvatore John, and Shannon Dixon Van Zant

2017    Brands of Calaveras County 1854-1880.  Calaveras History Publishing, Burson, CA.

2018    Brands of Calaveras County 1881-1913.  Calaveras History Publishing, Burson, CA.


Marvin, Judith

2005    Around Murphys, Images of America Series.  Arcadia Publishing, San Francisco, California.


Marvin, Judith, Julia Costello, and Salvatore Manna

2007   Northern Calaveras County. Images of America Series.  Arcadia Publishing, San Francisco, California.

2009    Angels Camp and Copperopolis, Images of America Series.  Arcadia Publishing, San Francisco, California.


Stone, Rhoda and Charles  

1991    The Tools are on the Bar: The History of Copperopolis, Calaveras County, Califonria.


Wood, R. Coke

1952    Murphys, Queen of the Sierra.  Oldtimer's Museum, Murphys.          

1955    Calaveras, the Land of Skulls.  Mother Lode Press, Sonora.


Zumwalt, Eve Starcevich

1990    The Romance of Mokelumne Hill.  Pioneer Publishing Co, Fresno.