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Rancho Calaveras

When it was created in the 1960s, Rancho Calaveras was the largest residential subdivision in the state of California. 

The Pacific Cascade Land Co. of San Leandro purchased 1200 acres from the Lombardi Family and 4000 acres from the Dennis Family and subdivided the land into 3620 parcels ranging from half-an-acre to three acres each.  Early on, Rancho Calaveras included an airport, rodeo grounds and horse stables.  A realtor’s dream, agents from throughout the state flooded to the area.  Pacific Cascade, however, promptly sold Rancho Calaveras for $36,000,000 to Boise Cascade, which finally divested its interest in 1973.  The only echo of its earlier history remaining is the name of Lake Dennis.

by Sal Manna, 2010