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Families and Individuals

The human history of Calaveras County is a tapistry of stories of individuals, families, and communities and the enterprises they engaged in.  These people and events are interwoven, not easily separated into distinct topics.  The histories presented here were parts of larger studies of land use, but were comprehensive (and interesting) enough to stand on their own.  They are attached below in the alphabetical order shown in this index.  Of course, the entire web site can be searched for any individual or family name in the box above.

Bertatta Ranch, Coyote Creek near Murphys

Black Bart

Callahan Family Ranches, near Copperopolis; incorporated into the Flowers Ranch

Ansil Davis Ranch, Coyote Creek near Murphys

De Ferrari / Foppiano / Malatesta Ranch, Douglas Flat area

Flanders Ranch, between Arnold and Avery

Flowers Ranch and Family, near Copperopolis encompassing other ranches noted here

Desiré Fricot and Fricot City.  southeast of San Andreas.

Hitchcock Ranch, Douglas Flat

Johnson Ranch, near Angels Camp on old Murphys Grade Road

Lewis, Gatzman, Davies, Baker Ranches, incorporated into the Flowers Ranch)

March House and Ranch, near Burson

Antone Quijada, Calaveritas near San Andreas

Raggio Family and Mill, near Sheep Ranch

Richards Ranch, near Angles Camp

Sciaccaluga / Pyshon Property, Vallecito

Spicer Ranch near Copperopolis, incorporated into the Flowers Ranch

Vickrey Ranch, near Copperopolis; Flowers Ranch

Monte Wolf.  Reclusive mountain man of the Mokelumne River Canyon.