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Design Review Guidelines, Mokelumne Hill

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Communities enact design review to protect their historic and cultural assets.  Design review guidelines identify important features of the community that should be respected, while refraining from dictating design outcomes.  Design guidelines also serve as an educational and planning tool for property owners and their design professionals who seek to make improvements that may affect historic or cultural assets.  The only official Design Review Guidelines in Calaveras County,approved by the Board of Supervisors in November 2012 (Resolution No. 2012-163) is for the community of Mokelumne Hill.

Mokelumne Hill Design Review Guidelines can be downloaded here:

MH Design Guidelines 2013.pdf

Consideration of these Guidelines by the Calaveras County Planning Department is required for all renovations and demolitions proposed for Designated Historic Buildings, and for all renovations, new construction, and demolitions on properties within the Historic District and the Gateway Areas. The Mokelumne Hill Design Review Committee serves as an advisor to the Planning Department.