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Confederate Civil War Veterans

May contain: person, face, human, and beard
Col. David Smith Terry.

Compiled by Sal Manna


Baker, Josephus D. (Joe): Pvt., Co. H, 1st Texas Cavalry (aka 1st Texas Mounted Rifles), March 1861-April 1862/Co. E, 8th Battalion, Texas Cavalry, April 1862-1863; b. Boles, Arkansas, February 3, 1837; d. September 26, 1908, Adobe Ranch near Valley Springs; buried Double Springs (Obituary/Calaveras Prospect October 3, 1908) [Photo – Gravesite]

Boyd, Rufus King: Pvt., Missouri Cavalry (“Stewart’s Cavalry”), 1861-1863/Quantrill’s Raiders, NA; b. Williamson Co., Tennessee, 1831 (brother of Semphronius Hamilton Boyd on Calaveras Union Service roster); d. March 10, 1883, Guntersville, Alabama; buried NA (probably Alabama)

Early, John Chambers: Pvt., Co. E, 2nd Missouri Cavalry, 1863-1865; b. Franklin Co., Virginia, February 15, 1830; d. March 31, 1902, San Andreas; buried San Andreas (Peoples) [Unmarked] (Obituary/ Calaveras Prospect April 5, 1902) [Photo – Portrait]

Evans, George Washington: Pvt., Co. B, 3rd Arkansas Cavalry, NA; b. Pennsylvania, April 1833; d. 1904, Valley Springs; buried Double Springs [Photo – Gravesite]

Foote, William Winter: Pvt., Acting Adjutant, General and Staff Regiment, February 1862-April 1865 (surrendered); b. Mississippi, 1846; d. February 13, 1904, San Francisco; buried Oakland (Mountain View) (Obituary/Calaveras Prospect February 20, 1904) [Photo – Portrait]

Gwin, William McKendree, Jr.: Pvt., Co. D, Co. F, 2nd Mississippi Partisan Rangers (Cavalry), 1862-NA; b. Vicksburg, Mississippi, February 24, 1843; d. June 21, 1939, San Francisco; buried NA (probably Oakland (Mountain View)) (Obituary/Calaveras Prospect June 24, 1939)

Holman, Cyrus Kirkham: Pvt., Los Angeles Mounted Rifles, June 1861-August 1861; Capt., Co. K, 27th Texas Cavalry (“Whitfield’s Legion,” “First Texas Legion”), 1861/Maj., Field & Staff, 1861-1863/1st Lt., Co. C, 10th Arkansas Cavalry, August 1863, Capt., January 1864-October 1864; b. Frederickstown, Missouri, December 7, 1820; d. January 26, 1879, Little Rock, Arkansas; buried Washington, Arkansas (Old Cemetery) (Obituary/Mariposa Gazette March 15, 1879) [Photo – Gravesite]

Killian, John A.: Pvt., Co. A, 23rd North Carolina Infantry, September 1861-NA 1864; b. Lincoln Co., North Carolina, December 20, 1826; d. December 21, 1900, Catawba Co., North Carolina; buried Lincoln Co., North Carolina (Salem Lutheran & Reformed Church Cemetery)

King, Linza: Cpl., Co. G, 34th Arkansas Infantry, June 1862-August 1863 (deserted); b. Morgan Co., Alabama, June 28, 1837; d. August 31, 1920, Los Angeles; buried Los Angeles (National Cemetery) [Also: Pvt., Co. E, 3rd Arkansas Cavalry, U.S.A., June 1864-June 1865]

Martin, Thomas: NA, Texas NA, NA; b. Texas, 1841; d. March 21, 1912, San Quentin; buried San Quentin (State Prison) [Photo - Portrait]

McDaniel, Coleman Adams (C.A.): Col., Co. E, 44th Tennessee Infantry, December 1861-May 1865 (wounded in right arm at Battle of Shiloh); b. Lincoln Co., Tennessee, November 23, 1823; d. July 15, 1896, Mulberry Po, Tennessee; buried NA (probably Tennessee) [Also Mexican War]

Morgan, James M.: NA, NA (possibly Pvt., Cpl., Co. G, 1st Missouri Cavalry or Pvt., Co. I, 3rd Missouri Cavalry, NA); b. Missouri (possibly Daviess Co.), 1842; d. March 5, 1917, San Joaquin Co.; buried Jenny Lind [Photo – Gravesite]

Mull, Eli: Pvt., Co. B, 7th North Carolina Cavalry, September 1863-NA; b. North Carolina, August 20, 1828; d. December 20, 1905, Vallecito; buried Vallecito (IOOF) [Unmarked]

Porter, William Wood: 2nd Lt., 1st Tennessee Militia, 1861/Aide, General Staff, Confederate States Infantry, 1861/Capt., 1862/50th Tennessee Infantry, May 1863-May 1865 (surrendered); b. Orange Co., Virginia, September 8, 1826; d. January 17, 1907, Santa Rosa; buried Santa Rosa (Rural)

Prim, Joseph C.: Pvt., Co. B, 1st North Carolina Infantry, April-November 1861/Co. I, 42nd North Carolina Infantry, March 1862 (deserted May 26, 1862); b. Wythe, Virginia, January 31, 1836; d. April 28, 1899, Calaveras Co.; buried Mokelumne Hill (Protestant) [Photo – Gravesite]

Robinson, John W.: NA; b. Kentucky, circa 1821; d. 1861-1865, NA (possibly killed in battle in East); buried NA

Robinson, William Thomas: Co. B, 8th Texas Cavalry (“Terry’s Texas Rangers,” “1st Rangers,” “8th Rangers”), 1861-1863 (wounded in right hip at Battle of Chickamauga, September 19-20, 1863)/Commander, Partisan Rangers, 1863-1865 (surrendered); b. Frederickstown, Missouri, September 7, 1839; d. April 10, 1917, Mokelumne Hill; buried Oakland (Mountain View)
(Obituary/Calaveras Prospect April 14, 1917)[Photo – Gravesite]

Simms, John R. (Doctor): Asst. Surgeon, Staff, Confederate States of America, NA; b. Stanclardsville, Virginia, April 25, 1821; d. 1901-NA, NA (probably California); buried NA (probably California)

Swinford, Elijah H. (“Lige”): Pvt., Co. C, 1st Regiment, Missouri State Guards, Confederate States of America, NA-September 1862, taken prisoner May 30, 1862 at Macon Co., Missouri, received July 14, 1862 at Gratiot Street Military Prison in St. Louis, Missouri, sent July 19, 1862 to Alton, Illinois, discharged September 5, 1862 by taking oath of allegiance; b. Polk Co., Tennessee, 1835; d. December 16, 1890, North Branch; buried Jenny Lind (Obituary/Calaveras Prospect December 20, 1890) [Also Cpl., Co. M, 12th Missouri Cavalry, Union, March 1864-June 1865] [Photo – Gravesite]

Terry, David Smith: Cpl., Co. H, 8th Texas Cavalry (“Terry’s Texas Rangers,” “1st Texas Rangers,” “8th Texas Rangers”)[Note: Regiment named after older brother Benjamin Franklin Terry], 1863 (wounded in right arm at Chickamauga, September 19-20, 1863)/Col., Terry’s Texas Cavalry (Arizona Brigade), 1864-NA; b. Todd Co., Kentucky, March 8, 1823; d. August 14, 1889, Lathrop; buried Stockton (Rural) [Also Mexican War] [Photo – Portrait and Gravesite]