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Confederate Service

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Reenactors at Civil War Days in Clements, 2006. Photo by Sal Manna.

This project by Sal Manna began in 2009. However, the difficulty of tracking Confederate Civil War veterans, particularly in California far from their native Southern soil, is significantly more difficult than researching those in blue. There are certainly more boys in gray who resided in Calaveras County than are listed here, though this is the most complete and accurate roster to date. Please contact Sal Manna through with any information, additions or changes. If a photograph of the individual and/or his gravesite is available, it is so indicated at the end of the entry.

Note: Residency for a Confederate Civil War veteran is defined as fulfilling any of the following conditions–listed in the U.S. Census, registered to vote, married, divorced, buried, had children, owned land or other property, conducted a business, claimed a mine, member of a fraternal organization, paid a bounty by the county or named in a newspaper or family record as having lived in Calaveras County before, during or after the Civil War.

Sources: See Union Service.